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Let's Play Knowledge Adventure Videos - Presented By GatorBox

"GatorUNbox" - 3D Dinosaur Adventure:

Let's Play 3D Dinosaur Adventure:

Let's Play 3D Body Adventure:

Let's Play Bug Adventure:

Let's Play Space Adventure:

Let's Play Undersea Adventure:

Let's Play Dinosaur Adventure (Original):

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JALOPNIK - MegaRace 1 Soundtrack Article

"Great article on the MegaRace 1 soundtrack!"

Special Thanks to Andrew P Collins at!


I Dug Up The Ultimate Retro-Futuristic Hard Driving Soundtrack

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Recent Retro Gamer Magazine and GameLuv Articles

"Neat ZOOM article about another ZOOM article!"

(ZOOM Image Collage - Courtesy of:

There was a story about ZOOM Platform in October's Retro Gamer Magazine (Issue 147) that specifically talked about our recent 3DO work. 

SHAWNS at GameLuv, in an article of his own, greatly expanded on the story. 

Please check out both! - A Big Thanks goes out to Retro Gamer Magazine and SHAWNS at GameLuv!


The ZOOM Storefront fell out of My 90's Head - GameLuv

Retro Gamer Magazine - Issue 147 - Purchase Page

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Scott Weiland, We Will Miss You

We, and many people, lost a dear friend, partner, and inspiration yesterday in Scott Weiland. We shall cherish his words and music forever. 

Scott, we will miss you, our hearts and thoughts are with your family.

Photo By: Jamie Weiland

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Stéphane Picq Officially Joins MegaRace Reboot Team

Stéphane Picq, original musical composer of MegaRace 1, has officially joined the MegaRace Reboot Team. 

Jordan Freeman, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of JFG and ZOOM, had this to say: "We are honored to have Stéphane Picq on board and look forward to working with him on the Reboot project. Picq, an industry legend, has his own studio in Madagascar, which contains a vast worldwide collection of instruments. He is best known for the MegaRace 1 soundtrack and the Dune: Spice Opera soundtrack. MegaRace 1 was iconic for two reasons, the legendary performance of Christian Erickson as "Lance Boyle" and the legendary soundtrack by Stéphane Picq. It is an honor and a privilege to be working with both these extremely talented individuals. I cannot wait for what the future holds!"

Stéphane Picq has a personal message for MegaRace fans: "Hi to all vintage game lovers and MegaRace fans. I am happy to announce that I am back to the game scene, and will do the soundtrack for the MegaRace Reboot. It will include CD-quality remixes of original FM soundtracks, as well as brand new compositions. Follow me soon on SoundCloud."

Jordan Freeman and Max Petrosky, ZOOM/JFG's in-house artist dubbed the "Michaelangelo of MegaRace" will be collaborating with Picq. Freeman and Petrosky will also be contributing their own tracks along with some special guests.

(Stéphane Picq)