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Exclusive Release: Aliens Vs. Predator Gold Edition

Today, the Phoenix-based entertainment software and technology company, Jordan Freeman Group, LLC, (JFG) a subsidiary of ZOOM, LLC officially released its latest exclusive title, Aliens Vs. Predator Gold Edition. JFG, through its Parent Company, ZOOM, revealed it had secured the exclusive rights to upgrade and re-release Aliens Vs. Predator Gold Edition to play on modern machines.

Aliens Vs. Predator Gold Edition, for Windows PCs, is available now for $9.99 on the website.

The legendary Aliens Vs. Predator first-person shooter is back! Released four years before the first film adaptation, AVP offers 40 levels of terrifying futuristic environments in which you choose to be a Colonial Marine, a Predator, or an Alien. It's "survival of the fittest" for your species, as you make your way through dark and terrifying worlds. Levels range from planetscapes to colonial bases to spaceships to cramped corridors and mazes, where one wrong move could turn you from hunter to prey. Make one wrong turn...and you're lunch!

Aliens Versus Predator Gold Edition features the Colonial Marine, Alien, and Predator Campaigns. It also contains the frenetic single-player Skirmish mode which was released to massive acclaim in 2000. Aliens Versus Predator Gold Edition has been updated to run on modern PCs and laptops using DirectX 9.0c and includes support for the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. The three most ferocious species in the universe engage in a bloodthirsty battle for the ultimate prize: survival. Take your pick: be a Colonial Marine, a Predator, or an Alien. Fight through suspense-filled environments: from starships and space stations to colonial bases and eerie planetscapes. One wrong move turns you from hunter to prey!

Jordan Freeman, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of both JFG and ZOOM, stated: “I am very excited to announce Aliens Vs. Predator Gold Edition, a new exclusive game for ZOOM Platform. Aliens Vs. Predator Gold was originally developed by Rebellion, best known for AVP and its Sniper Elite series. The firm is also known as the developer of many other classic titles such as Evil Genius. I am also proud of ZOOM’s development team for enabling play on modern machines in a manner not available on any other platform.”

Aliens Vs. Predator Gold Edition comes bundled with a PDF version of its original manual. 

To purchase Aliens Vs. Predator Gold Edition, please follow this link:

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Retro Core Reviews Original MegaRace Trilogy Powered By ZOOM Platform

Retro Core is a long running YouTube games show that focuses on games from the past, especially those that didn't see the light of day in the west.

Click here to check out the Retro Core Channel!

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Lance Boyle Announces MegaRace Summer Sale at!

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Guns N' Roses Releases Appetite For Democracy 3D

In November 2012, with a team of 3D cameras rolling, the legendary, multi-platinum selling rock band Guns N' Roses took the desert by storm, performing a blistering set at The Joint in the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. Clocking in at just under three hours, the band's explosive set includes all of their biggest hits and classic GN'R staples.

Appetite For Democracy 3D: Live at the Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas, will be available on Blu-ray™, featuring the complete concert film in both 3D and 2D plus an interactive 3D photo gallery, and standard DVD featuring the 2D version of the film. Both releases are mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound and feature bonus interviews with the band.

Purchase Appetite For Democracy 3D from ZOOM Platform below!