Posted: 21:01 PM on 01-21-19

Arcade Attack Interviews: Christian Erickson

Check out our dear friend, Christian Erickson's video interview with the good folks at Arcade Attack! :)

Posted: 21:10 PM on 10-17-18

Scott Miller Hour Long IGN Unfiltered Interview

Check out our own Scott Miller’s complete one hour IGN Unfiltered Interview!

The discussion centers around his entire career, especially building Duke Nukem, Max Payne, and Prey!

Enjoy! :)

Posted: 21:10 PM on 10-01-18

Hanging Out With Sebastian Bach!

An amazing concert and an awesome tour bus conversation with Sebastian Bach!! 

Worth noting the conversation spanned The Allman Brothers to GN'R to Michael Monroe and Hanoi Rocks!!

Posted: 12:09 PM on 09-01-18

Shareware Heroes - Unbound Book Campaign

ZOOM Platform Media's Scott Miller, was interviewed by Richard Moss for his new book, Shareware Heroes!

Please join us in supporting the Unbound campaign to publish the stories of the pioneers who began the digital distribution revolution. How the golden age of shareware subverted, shook up, and reshaped the video game industry, and kept independent game development alive!

Click here or the image below to be taken to the Crowdfunding support page!

Posted: 14:07 PM on 07-16-18

SEGA Nerds and Mega Visions Magazine Interview: Ben Herman