Posted: 00:09 AM on 09-26-17
Posted: 00:09 AM on 09-26-17

Dreamcast: Collected Works Book KickStarter

ZOOM Platform's Executive Chairman, Bernie Stolar, along with ZOOM Platform CEO, Jordan Freeman, are being interviewed for the Dreamcast: Collected Works Book KickStarter!

Bernie and Jordan will be joined by Peter Moore, Yugi Naka, Yu Suzuki, and more! Check it out!

Posted: 23:09 PM on 09-22-17
Posted: 17:09 PM on 09-05-17

ZOOM Platform Podcast - Episode 4 - Reminiscing about the Seventh Generation (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, etc.)

The fourth official ZOOM Platform Podcast is now available!

This time we discuss the Seventh Generation (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, etc.)!

Click For iTunes Version!

Click For Spreaker Version!

iHeartRadio: Coming Soon!


Posted: 10:09 AM on 09-01-17

Exclusive Release: TrickStyle With Mac Support

The Sega Dreamcast launch classic, "TrickStyle", now available on with exclusive Mac support!

Developed by Criterion Games, the brilliant minds behind one of our all-time favorite racing franchises, "Burnout"!

Fun Fact: Criterion Games also assisted with the development of "MegaRace 3" on PC and PlayStation 2!