MegaRace Reboot Soundtrack: The Max Petrosky Sessions - Now on sale at!

MegaRace Reboot Soundtrack Teaser - Steve Crane – NewSan - In-Studio

Perfect Score - CGR - Killing Time Review

ZOOM Platform's Killing Time got a perfect score, 10/10! Thanks so much to Jason Bonnar of CGR! Certain competitors of ours said this game would be impossible to run on modern Windows, it is so gratifying to prove them wrong and get reviews like this! Mac and Linux versions coming soon! Please click the screenshot below to read the review!

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FireGlow Games Including Complete Sudden Strike Series Video

Axl Rose Officially Joins AC/DC!

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Wow! Axl Rose has officially joined AC/DC and reunited with Guns N' Roses! What a year to be an AXL ROSE fan! We here at ZOOM Platform are HUGE fans and are extremely excited! It sure looks like 2016 is going to be jam packed with classic rock and classic games...What could be better than that!!!!


Axl Rose Confirmed As AC/DC's Replacement Singer