Arthur's Knights II: The Secret of Merlin

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After defeating his felonious half-brother Morganor, Bradwen is named King of the Atrebates by Arthur. He returns to his castle in Brittany ready to ascend to his throne, and glad to be reunited with his proud people. He is soon to learn, however, that his troubles are far from over.

The new king and all his kin have been cursed! Particularly vulnerable to the forces of darkness, the king is afflicted by a festering wound that refuses to heal...
He is offered a pact - in return for being cured he must break his vows of chivalry. Pure of heart, he refuses. Heaven sends him a sign in the form of a White Stag... By following the sign on one final voyage, Bradwen will be able to release his descendants from the curse and save Brittany from the gravest danger it has ever known.

A great quest begins which will take him to Avalon, heartland of the fairies... When at last he returns, he will see that 20 years have passedGawain is dead, Lancelot has carried off Guinevere... Bradwen must journey through a very different Britain, ravaged by civil war in the final throes of Arthur's reign, as the shadow of the Dragon sweeps across Albion...

ARTHUR'S KNIGHTS - Chapter 2: The secret of Merlin, features a range of technological enhancements, including greater interactivity, even more enchanting graphics and flash-backs, which combine to provide dozens of playing hours in the awe-inspiring world of Arthurian legend.

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