IL-2 Sturmovik 1946: Ultimate Edition

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Video Credit: TUCKIE100 On June 22, 1941, Hitler's German forces attacked Russia's 2,000 mile-long home front and advanced on Moscow. The Russians put up a fierce resistance which finally ground the Nazi war machine to a halt. Vital to the resistance was the Ilyushin Sturmovik, the IL-2. It was an anti-tank aircraft hailed by the Russians. The Russians called it "the flying tank", the Germans called it "Black Death", and you will call it the most exciting and realistic combat flight experience you've ever had. Oleg Maddox’s world famous Il-2 Sturmovik™ series of flight simulators continues to expand. The latest offering, Il-2 1946, adds 36 new planes, four new gigantic maps, over a hundred new ground objects, and nearly 200 new campaign missions. This new opus also includes all of the previous Il-2 series content. What began years ago as a one-aircraft study sim is now an astonishing anthology, with a whopping 229 flyable aircraft and over 300 aircraft total! IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 Ultimate Edition includes: The Original IL-2 Sturmovik and all four add-on packs: 1. Forgotten Battles 2. The Forgotten Battles Ace Expansion Pack 3. IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 4. Pacific Fighters Plus Exclusive All-New Content! *By popular demand, versions 4.11.1 and 4.12.2 are downloadable. 
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Minimum system requirements - Windows 7 or 10, 1.8 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM, 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c, Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick is recommended (HID compatible), Internet Connection required for online play.
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