Killing Time

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Video Credit: Lance Boyle Killing Time is a horror themed first-person shooter set in an open world. In Killing Time, the player assumes the role of a student of Egyptology searching for an ancient water clock from the dynasty of the Pharaoh Ramses. The player journeys to the island of Matinicus, the location of the Conway estate, which has been closed to visitors for more than 60 years. The island was sealed off from the public when young heiress, Tess Conway, along with her high society friends, disappeared during the night of the Summer Solstice in 1932. Tess was obsessed with the occult. Shortly before her disappearance, she acquired the water clock, which was rumored to grant everlasting life. As the player, can you find the secret of everlasting youth and still escape alive? As the player, you must use your wits and your weapons to make your way to the heart of this compelling mystery. Creep through dark hallways into the dim rooms of the past, speak to the video-real shades of former residents, and kill or be killed until you solve the mystery of Matinicus Isle. Killing Time (3DO MultiPlayer Console) Release Date: July 21, 1995 Killing Time (PC/MAC Port) Release Date: October 31, 1996 *Click here to visit "The Conway Estate" a very cool "Killing Time" fan-site by Mike MacDee! *Click here to visit "The Spriter's Resource" a fantastic website for all your game art and sprite needs!
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Minimum system requirements - Windows 7 or 10, 1.8 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM, 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c, Mouse, Keyboard.
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