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Ever had one of those days? The Postal Dude sure has...Two of them! The Postal Dude leaves for his first day of work at Running With Scissors and that's where the **** hits the fan for a second time! Forget everything you know about first person shooters, morality, and the real world...its time to go POSTAL AGAIN!

In Postal 2, the best way to handle life's problems is to confront them head on! Take on marching bands, protesters, policemen and civilians, with or without weapons. Postal 2 is sandbox slaughter and mindless mayhem at its finest!

This ZOOM Platform Exclusive Edition includes:

Postal 2 (2014) (Patch 1415 Build):
  • Postal 2: A Week In Paradise (Play Through The Whole Week In One Play-Through)
  • 5 New NPC Voices -Dismemberment Feature From Postal 2: Eternal Damnation Now Active For Entire Game
  • All Weapons From Postal 2: Eternal Damnation Now Available For Entire Game
  • All New NPCs Including ZOMBIES!
  • Added Widescreen Support
  • FoV Slider and V-Sync Video Options
  • Added See-Through Windows
  • Added Pre-Launch Settings Editor

Postal 2 Fudge Pack Plus includes:
  • Postal 2: Share The Pain
  • Postal 2: A Week In Paradise
  • Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend
  • Postal 2: Christmas
  • Postal 2: Eternal Damnation
  • Added Widescreen Support
Great game bring back so many fond memories. I loved playing it as a kid more so to see the complete edition here is even better.
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Minimum system requirements - Windows 7 or 10, 1.8 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM, 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c, Mouse, Keyboard.
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