Opportunities For Developers

We are always looking for the best content out there and we understand it can come from anyone, anywhere, at anytime! That is why our platform offers publishing and development assistance services for that really great game you're creating! We can help you sell your game both digitally AND in a box! It's up to you! Whether you are an established firm or an independent, it doesn't matter!

Opportunities For Publishers

You've got a game and you want to sell it! We understand the IMMENSE overhead and work involved when you have to prepare your game for the various platforms out there. However, we also know it's not necessary! The ZOOM Platform's own "Wrapper Technology" is applied to every game we offer. This software ensures maximum compatibility with a user's system while keeping your game up to date and in working order. We can help you with digital distribution AND traditional boxed retail.

Classic Game Re-Mastering

Think of the ZOOM Platform as your custom game preservation collection. ZOOM Platform was developed BY gamers FOR gamers. We understand that many of your favorite titles are in the basements and back-catalogs of current and past publishers. We hunt for those titles FOR you! We even take requests! Many of those games require additional software in order to work on today's modern PC's. That is why, we are re-mastering classic titles with increasingly sophisticated software enabling them to work on any modern day PC!